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  • We're on to our 4th project with the guys at Traffic Labs, and the results just keep on coming.

    Carl Stevens
    Los Angeles

  • If you're looking for a reliable SEO partner, look no further - you've found them.

    Christopher Moss

  • We achieved better rankings with Traffic Labs in 2 months than 2 years with our previous SEO Company.

    Brian Bauer
    New York

  • Reliable, cost-effective, and FAST results. Sales from organic traffic are up 200%!

    Aaron Johnson

  • We love the fact that we only pay when we rank on the first page, and Traffic Labs certainly are over-delivering on their guarantee

    Rachel Morrison
    New Orleans

  • We're a 3 month old start-up business, and never dreamed of out-ranking businesses that have been in the game for years. Thanks!

    Rob Lane

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SEO stands for search engine optimisation. The search engine in question refers to sites like Google, one of the largest sources of incoming traffic in the world. More than 80% of traffic that a site can receive comes from Google, so most SEO focuses on being successful in its rankings. The optimisation refers to making and refining content so that it is scores highly with sites like Google and Bing.


While all SEO has the same goal, not all SEO is built equally, and not every SEO firm can provide you with the same high quality results. Traffic Labs uses the latest in internet trends and optimisation software to meet the more than 200 different criteria that Google uses to decide which sites should rank above the others. While some SEO firms may try to meet those same expectations, Traffic Labs goes a step beyond by continually refining our results and our methodology.


Local, Global, and Everything Between

Some companies may specialize in delivering local results, and others may put more emphasis on international competition. We strive to deliver the best results for all fields by using methods and standards that are universal to search engine optimisation, including:

  • The creation of unique and organic content.
  • Targeting that can help small businesses to reach the right demographics geographically.
  • Integration of search engine optimisation campaigns with social media platforms.
  • Expertise in ranking well with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the three largest search engines in the US, and the world.


Not every SEO firm in the US can make those claims, or at least do so honestly. Traffic Labs stands by its reputation, and by its statement of delivering high traffic results to clients that need to reach the right audiences through search engine queries. Whether you're a smaller company that needs to promote new products to a niche clientele, or an industrial supplier that wants to do business with partners that are around the world, our SEO packages are made to deliver the audience you require.


The Difference of Expertise

Even if you're already aware of what SEO can do for your company, do you have the right experts in-house to handle the work load of both research and implementation? Do you have error-checkers on the payroll who can go through a site and audit it for any problems that could be hurting your rankings? Does your internet staff have the capability of promoting your site across multiple platforms, and across different versions of the same page? Most companies don't have the time, resources, or the employee talent to accomplish these goals at a rate which will leave them competitive with other businesses in their market.


The need to outsource, however, does not imply a need for compromise. We strive to deliver some of the very best returns for your investment in US internet marketing through intelligently designed and uniquely focused content and campaigns that are crafted by marketers who know what makes the internet move, and how to get it to move into your direction.

Not every SEO company can offer the same results that we offer, nor can they offer the same pricing that we can provide you with up front. There are no hidden fees for continued service, and there won't be any surprise charges for the services that we've promised to deliver. We let you, as a client, know exactly what to expect.

The only surprises we plan to provide are exceeding those expectations. Our services are not the least expensive, but for the results that we deliver, you'll find they are the very best value. Some companies place their costs lower, but they aim lower as well. We tackle the challenge of providing the best quality results at the most reasonable rates of any firm on the market. That's something you can only do when you've got expertise backing your firm, and at Traffic Labs, we have more than enough to reach that goal.


SEO with Substance

Other firms may also make claims about getting your site to the top ranking in a short period of time, and some can even accomplish that goal, but does it really matter if you only spend a few weeks on the first page of results? With search engine optimisation, the name of the game is often “endurance.” Rankings need to endure to get you the best returns on your traffic. When global competition is on the line, endurance means outlasting your competition, and any new competitors that may spring up on a regular basis.


We do our part by creating SEO platforms that use every area of expertise, from IT to marketing, so that we can provide you with services that will establish your place in search engine rankings with a solid base of substance. Our search engine optimisation campaigns focus on giving you an even spread of keyword coverage and marketing so that you can get attention with a broader audience, and get better results over time. Shooting to the top with one keyword's possible, but it doesn't often provide the same returns as covering all of your bases. We skip the gimmicks, and go straight for the traffic that fuels your business.


Clear and Comprehensive

We'll never try to sell you on a package that your company doesn't need. If you're a small business, you don't need to focus on audiences that are outside of your business demographics. If you're a larger company, you may not need to focus on local SEO as much as you do international results. Some companies can try to sell you on those packages by muddling terms and using grandiose language, but they can only hide their results for so long before you notice you aren't getting your money's worth.


We provide clear feedback and communication upfront. With Traffic Labs, we know that the more the client knows, the more informed that they will be about the returns they're getting and the decisions that they need to make about their marketing. We have nothing to hide. In fact, we'd be more than happy to provide you with more information on previous clients we've worked with, price quotes on projects that you may have in mind, and opportunities that are available through our search engine marketing packages of service.


We stake our reputation on what we can do for our clients. Find out for yourself by contacting us today.

Thorough Results

SEO is easy when you know how, and we’re so confident in our work, we know you'll just love it.

No Strings Attached

Tired of SEO agencies that tie you down to a long-term contract and delivering mediocre results? With Traffic Labs, you only pay for our services when you’re happy with the results.

Real-time Reporting

As a Traffic Labs client, you get access to a suite of live reporting tools so you can monitor every aspect of your campaign with us. A dedicated, US-based account manager is always a phone call away.

Real Ranking Examples

We don’t just talk the talk; we have hundreds of real clients, with real rankings that we’re more than happy to share with you. Just drop us an email or add us on skype @ trafficlabs to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Traffic Labs pricing work?

Clients are quoted an upfront price that guarantees the client will rank on the first page of Google within 90 days. If we cannot get your site top 10 rankings for your primary keywords in Google within three months of starting your campaign, there are no further charges for our SEO Service until rankings are achieved. After six months, if first page results are not achieved, we will even refund your first three monthly payments – every penny.

How long does it usually take to achieve rankings?

Clients typically start to notice sustainable ranking increases after 2-3 weeks. Across thousands of keywords, we see programs that take weeks, and others that take months. Therefore, we set expectations with every customer that the SEO process must be a consistent approach

Why haven’t I heard of any other companies doing this?

Our proprietary SEO Opportunity Tool determines keywords that your site has a good probability to rank for based on the competitive landscape for the select keyword, or phrase. The tool’s algorithm reviews over (80) variables that are valued by the Search Engines. Due to this approach, we’re willing to assume the risk.

How does Traffic Labs’s pricing compare to other SEO companies?

Based on customer feedback, our pricing is typically never the highest, or the lowest.

How do Traffic Labs achieve rankings?

Traffic Labs uses proven , 100% white-hat SEO practices to achieve rankings and abides by industry standards, including: credible link building, relevant blog postings, trusted social bookmarking, and select directory submissions in order to build a consistent, customized SEO program for each and every customer.


Our SEO Team has partnerships with hundreds of publishers, blogs, and directory sites. Nearly all Traffic Labs SEO activities result in permanent exposure, even if the program is no longer in Active status. We work with our partners to identify relevant context for opportunities to further strengthen our customer’s SEO programs.

How long does this pricing last?

Keyword pricing is locked on the Activation Date, and will not change. Customers can cancel at any time with no deactivation fees.

Do Traffic Labs accept any website and/or small business?

We accept most websites, although we don’t accept any businesses related to gambling, pharmaceuticals, adult-material, or other offensive content.

How often are Ranking Reports provided?

As a Traffic Labs client, you are given access to your own Traffic Labs Client Dashboard, where you can view live ranking updates and link building progress reports whenever you feel like it.

Will Traffic Labs help with On-Page & Activation Set-up?

Absolutely! We do not charge any fees for On-Page Optimisation consultation, and we’ll definitely spend dedicated time to ensure that your pages are optimally set-up for the search engine’s review.